Friday, February 22, 2013


Seaweek is coming up fast. It's organised by the Marine Education Society of Australia and running from the 2nd to the 10th of March. I've been invited to participate in a day of activities at Rickets Point Marine Sanctuary on the 7th. I'll be talking to primary and high school students about marine introduced species. The day will bring together marine experts from MESA, Parks Victoria, Melbourne Aquarium, Monash University, the Earth Watch Institute, the Ocean Ark Alliance, the Gould League, Marine Care Ricketts Point, Pelican Expeditions, Nautilus Educational and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (and me, who is not from any of those organisations).

The theme for Seaweek 13 is ‘Sustainable Seas’. The theme provides a focus for students in schools and for communities to inform and inspire them about the diversity of our marine and coastal environments and how, through good management and individual action, we can all contribute towards the sustainability of these environments.


  • Highlight the sustainable management of Australia’s marine environment;
  • Identify factors that threaten the sustainability of marine and coastal ecosystems;
  • Facilitate the communication of sustainable marine management projects to the education community;
  • Initiate interest and actions for supporting sustainable marine management that help us learn more about and contribute towards the sustainability of our marine and coastal environments; and
  • Provide schools with educational resources available on the MESA website for school’s classroom based activities.
Find out more about Seaweek here.

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